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The Second Amendment – A Second Class Right No Longer!

September 21, 2022

The Second Amendment is not a second class right. The Supreme Court announced that in the landmark Bruen decision (Read our blog on Bruen) and now a federal judge in Texas has applied this pronouncement in another gun case. On, September 19, 2021, a federal judge in Texas ruled that based on the recent U.S….

Pistol Braces are Next on the ATFs Attack List

September 06, 2022

ATF’s Amnesty Period As many of you are already aware the ATF and the Biden Administration have their sights set on the very popular Pistol Brace Stabilizer. It is estimated that between 20 to 40 million people own a pistol brace.  The Pistol Brace Stabilizer was created to help those with disabilities obtain better accuracy…

What affect does a withhold of adjudication have on your gun rights?

September 01, 2022

In Florida, judges have authority pursuant to Florida Statute § 948.01 to “withhold adjudication” of guilt, even in most felony cases, and place the offender on probation. “If the defendant successfully completes his probation, he is not a convicted person but if the probation is violated the court may then adjudicate and sentence.” United States…

Police Encounters for Citizens: Part 2 – Public and Private Encounters

September 01, 2022

Police Encounters for Citizens: Part 2 – When & Where This article is part of our invited guest author series. If you missed part one of this four part series, click here to read it now. By Travis Birney, Federal Law Enforcement Supervisory Special Agent, Firearms Instructor, Tactical Instructor with 25+ years’ experience. The opinions…

Shipping Firearms? Not on UPS You’re Not!

August 31, 2022

As of August 29, 2022, shipping firearms via UPS will no longer be allowed for private individuals. According to their publication: 2022 UPS® Tariff/Terms & Conditions of Service – United States, only licensed dealers with a pre-existing contractual relationship will be able to ship firearms using Big Brown. The new policy reads in relevant part:…

Trigger Modifications and Florida Law

August 29, 2022

Trigger modifications of all sorts may be illegal under Florida law. On October 7, 2018, we wrote our first article about Florida’s then upcoming Bump Stock law. Click here to read that article. In it, we wrote that the new law seemed to apply to: Traditional Bump StocksCrank fire devicesBinary triggersand many more commercially available conversion kits or…

The ATF is Coming!

August 29, 2022

The ATF is Coming After Your FRT and Solvent Trap! There has been an increasing concern in the 2A community regarding recent actions taken by the ATF to hunt down those who purchased a Forced Reset Trigger (“FRT”) or solvent trap.  What should you do now if you own either of these items?  What should…


August 26, 2022

Tomorrow has arrived – Force Reset Triggers                Force Reset Triggers are the new target of the slippery slope we wrote about in December 2018, in an article discussing the new “bump-fire stock” prohibitions found in Florida Statute §790.222, in which Florida’s definition of “bump-stock” is found to be broader than the federal law. You…

ATF Rule 2021R-05 – Ghost Guns

August 26, 2022

ATF Rule 2021R-05 and Ghost Guns                ATF’s new rule targeting “ghost guns” as Privately Manufactured Firearms (PMFs) went into effect on August 24th, 2022. A ghost gun is a homemade firearm that does not have a serial number. The new rule refers to these as Privately Manufactured Firearms, and defines them as ““[a] firearm,…

Police Encounters – For Citizens – Part 1

August 18, 2022

Police Encounters for Citizens: Part 1-Why Do They Act Like That? This article is part of our invited guest author series. By Travis Birney, Federal Law Enforcement Supervisory Special Agent, Firearms Instructor, Tactical Instructor with 25+ years’ experience. The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the position of any particular…

Protect Yourself When Going Out To Party!

August 02, 2022

ORLANDO’S MASS SHOOTING ON WALL STREET According to a recent story in the Miami Herald, around 2:00a.m., this past Sunday, July 31, 2022, patrons of the bars and restaurants located on Wall Street in downtown Orlando found themselves running for cover as a man opened fire into the crowds after a large fight had broken…

Stop Bullying – Stop School Shootings

August 01, 2022

Written for The Firearm Firm by Ace Luciano How to Stop School Shootings- Continued: Stop Bullying, Reduce School Shootings In the previous article, “HOW YOU CAN HELP STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS IN AMERICA,” we discussed how educating children on firearms and firearm safety can reduce the incidence of school shootings. In this article we focus on…

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