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Florida Poised to Become 26th Permitless Carry State – Sorry Constitutional Carry Not Here!

February 02, 2023

Florida Falls Short on Constitutional Carry On January 30, 2023, House Speaker Paul Renner introduced House Bill 543, which if passed would make Florida the 26th state to allow concealed carry of a firearm without a permit or license.  Currently with few limited exceptions, anyone wanting to carry a concealed firearm or weapon outside of…

Constitutional Carry Coming to Florida?

March 30, 2022

Could Constitutional Carry be coming to Florida?  If Governor Ron DeSantis has his way, it seems the answer is yes.  Constitutional Carry is also known as permitless or Vermont Carry, and allows anyone who can lawfully possess a firearm to carry one without any licensing or permitting requirement.  Yesterday, Governor DeSantis called on the Florida Legislature to meet in special session to finish business left incomplete during the latest regular legislative session.

New Church Carry Bill Filed in Florida Senate

January 30, 2019

By David S. Katz Yesterday, in the Florida Senate, Senate Bill 598 was introduced.  If passed into law, this bill would authorize a CWFL (Concealed Weapons and Firearms License) holders to carry his/her firearm onto the property of a religious institution EVEN IF there was a school on the property.  Although no law exists in…

The Second Amendment Under Attack – “ASSAULT WEAPON BAN” Legislation pending in Florida House and Senate

January 24, 2019

By: David S. Katz Firearm owners and gun rights advocates in Florida now have two “Assault Weapons Ban” bills to worry about.   House Bill 455 and an almost identical bill in the Senate, Senate Bill 466. Below is a very short and condensed analysis of the proposed infringements on Floridians Second Amendment rights under the…

Anti-2nd Amendment Laws Pending in the Florida Legislature

January 19, 2019

By David S. Katz Pending anti-second amendment legislation in Florida – These bills are currently pending in the Florida House and Senate. Concealed Weapons and Firearms HB – 197 Concealed Weapons and Firearms : Prohibits concealed weapon or firearm licensee from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into any child care facility. This…

Florida Proposed PRO-2nd Amendment Legislation

January 18, 2019

By David S. Katz Pending pro-second amendment legislation in Florida – These bills are currently pending in the Florida House.  There are no bills in the Florida Senate currently pending that I would classify as pro-2nd amendment. House Bill 175 – FIREARMS Firearms: Removes provisions authorizing seizure of firearms from persons in certain circumstances; removes prohibition…

Florida Bump Stock Ban and The New Federal Bump Stock Ban

December 23, 2018

By David S. Katz, The Firearm Firm & Emily Taylor, Walker & Taylor, PLLC Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has just signed a national ban on bump stocks, expected to go into effect on March 21, 2019. This ban follows on the heels of the Florida Bump Stock Ban which went into effect on October…

The New Federal Bump Stock Ban – A Threat to Freedom

December 23, 2018

A New Federal Bump-Stock Ban has just been signed by Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker,.  This ban follows on the heels of the Florida Bump Stock Ban which went into effect on October 1, 2018.  The new ban is, expected to go into effect on March 21, 2019. This ban is unlike any previous federal…

Minimum Age to Purchase a Firearm in Florida – 21

December 07, 2018

By David S. Katz FLORIDA’S NEW GUN LAW CHANGES THE AGE TO PURCHASE ALL FIREARMS TO 21. SB 7026 became law in Florida on March 9, 2018 when Governor Scott signed the bill.  Since then we have received numerous questions regarding the effects of the new laws.   Section 12 of the bill amends Florida Statute…

Legislative Update – Bump Stocks

October 07, 2018

Florida Gun Owners, this is an important reminder that Effective October 1, 2018, section 790.222, Florida Statutes, goes into effect:  790.222 entitled Bump-fire stocks prohibited. Reads —A person may not import into this state or transfer, distribute, sell, keep for sale, offer for sale, possess, or give to another person a bump fire stock. A person who violates…

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