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Carrying a firearm at Disney

Carrying a Firearm at Disney

April 08, 2022

April 8, 2022 ORLANDO’S THEME PARKS To say that we get a lot of calls about carrying a firearm at Disney or other Orlando theme parks would be a drastic understatement. These local tourist attractions are some of the most famous in the world.  However, most people do not think to look for their firearm…

Bar owner carry a gun

Can A Bar Owner/Employee Carry At Work?

January 25, 2019

A Bar Owner Can Carry In His/Her Bar The short answer is yes!  A Bar owner can carry in his/her bar.  Many people get caught up on the fact that Florida Statute 790.06(12)(a) reads in relevant part, “A license issued under this section does not authorize any person to openly carry a handgun or carry a concealed…

Gun in Holster

Open or Conceal Carry At Your Work

January 24, 2019

You Can Open or Conceal Carry Florida Statute §790.25(3)(n) allows you to open or conceal carry a firearm, in your place of business/employment.  This was first recognized by the courts in Peoples v. State, 287 So.2d 63 (Fla 1973) and clarified to include the surrounding property in State v. Anton, 700 So 2d 743 (Fla….

Worker Looking at Screen

Carrying a Firearm at work in Florida

October 07, 2018

Private Property Owners in Florida can prohibit those entering their property from bringing firearms with them inside the business or from carrying on their person on the property.  However, FS 790.251 was enacted to give credence to the legislative policy of the state of Florida that individual citizens have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, that they have a constitutional…

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