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Gun Law 101 CWFL Basics (Part 1)

March 29, 2020

Video Transcript: Hello everybody. This is David Katz. Welcome to the Firearm Firm’s Gun Law, 101 – 3-part series. Today we have CWFL basics, part one of the Gun Law, 101 series. Before we get started, we do have to cover some legal stuff. So first, we’ll let you know that attending this webinar does…

Aftermath of Self-Defense – Presentation

March 29, 2020

Video Transcript: David Katz Speaking: Hello everybody. I’m David Katz. Welcome to the Katz & Phillips, P.A., presentation of the Aftermath of Self-Defense. This webinar has been written by Rommel Scalf and me, David Katz. Rommel will be with us in just a little while. Before we get the webinar started, however, let’s take care…

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