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Immunity and Confusion

June 19, 2024

Self-Defense Immunity Law Update Self-Defense Immunity from Prosecution Whenever a person in the state of Florida acts in lawful self-defense, they are considered immune from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits that are based on the self-defense. Of course, this law does not stop people from being arrested or sued when actual self-defense incidents occur. If…

The Real Threat to the 2nd Amendment

April 15, 2024

Untrained and Overzealous Law Enforcement and Prosecutors are the Biggest Threat to your 2nd Amendment Rights! We constantly hear in the news about proposed legislation to make it more difficult to purchase firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories.  Frequently, legislation is proposed to ban this firearm or that and we see the national and local gun…

Florida Self-Defense Law UPDATE!

May 25, 2023

Use of Force Not Threat of Deadly Force! The 4th DCA joins the rest of the State. In February of 2021, we wrote an article about changes in Florida’s Use of Force Law.  At the time, the 4th DCA had decided the case of Little v. State, in which it appeared that the 4th DCA…

Florida Court Rules MMA Fighter Joe Schilling Acted in Self-Defense

April 27, 2023

Orlando, Fla., April 27, 2023 – A Florida court ruled that Joe Schilling, former professional mixed martial artist and Muay Thai world champion kickboxer, acted in lawful self-defense and is immune from lawsuit under Florida law, following allegations of battery and negligence stemming from a 2021 incident. Katz & Phillips, P.A., an Orlando-based law firm…

Civil Immunity

March 23, 2023

Florida’s Civil Immunity Statute Protects those who protect themselves and others from suits by the attackers. Self-Defense Immunity from Lawsuits In a previous post, we discussed Self-Defense Immunity from Prosecution. This post will explore a closely related topic, immunity from civil lawsuits after lawful self-defense. It should come as no surprise that the police will…

Immunity from Prosecution

May 27, 2022

Self-Defense Immunity from Prosecution Whenever the police respond to a scene where force or deadly force was used, there will be an investigation. In self-defense scenarios, the police will have to determine whether lawful self-defense was used. It is crucial to understand what to do After Using Deadly Force. If all goes well, how will…


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