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Forcible Felonies – What Types of Crimes Trigger Deadly Force Rights?

October 26, 2023

Forcible Felonies: What Types of Crimes Trigger Self-Defense Rights? The state of Florida has some of the most favorable self-defense laws in the country. Florida law allows you to Stand Your Ground, imposing no duty to retreat before using defensive force. Florida also gives some extremely powerful protections to people defending themselves in their homes…

Terrorist Threats and Religious Organizations

October 13, 2023

How can a religious organization protect itself and its congregation from the acts of terrorists?  With the action of terrorists in the middle east and the world wide call for a day of “jihad,” we are receiving lots of calls from firearm owners asking if they can provide security services at their local temples, synagogues,…

Stop Bullying – Stop School Shootings

August 01, 2022

Written for The Firearm Firm by Ace Luciano How to Stop School Shootings- Continued: Stop Bullying, Reduce School Shootings In the previous article, “HOW YOU CAN HELP STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS IN AMERICA,” we discussed how educating children on firearms and firearm safety can reduce the incidence of school shootings. In this article we focus on…

When is it Self-Defense?

May 03, 2022

By: Fred Mastison        For those that keep and carry a defensive firearm, the thing we dread the most is actually having to draw our gun, even in self-defense. Contrary to media depictions, a vast majority of gun owners do not seek confrontation and do everything possible to avoid danger. Inside the gun community, we…

Surviving an Active Shooter Encounter!

August 28, 2020

In August, we were honored that over 5,000 Floridians participated in our FREE online webinars.  The featured topic we covered this month was How to Survive an Active Shooter Encounter! For those unable to participate in one of these free webinars, we wanted to provide some basic strategies and advice should you ever find yourself…

Deadly Force to Defend Another!

February 11, 2019

Can you use deadly force to defend another in Florida? Yes, and determining when you can do so is easy.  Place yourself in the “shoes” of the third person.  If the law would allow them to use force or deadly force to protect themselves, you can defend them.  You can use the same level of…


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