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Use of Force

Important Update on Florida Law – The Use of Force!

By David S. Katz The Display of a handgun NO LONGER THE USE OF NON-DEADLY FORCE? What is considered simply the use of force in Florida is changing. Recently, due to courtroom interpretations of an amendment to Florida law, actions that were at one time clearly legal under Florida law are now questionable. All gun […]

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Florida's Preemption Law

Florida’s Preemption Law Under Attack

Earlier this year, two bills were filed in the Florida Legislature that will wreak havoc in our State should they become law.  These bills, Senate Bill 672 filed by Senator Annette Taddeo and the companion bill filed in the State House, House Bill 6033 by Representative Dan Daley, seek to turn the clock back 34 […]

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Gun Law

Gun Law 101 – Part 2: Must Know Gun Law

Join us for an exclusive live webinar and learn the laws you need to know to stay out of trouble. This is part two of a three-part series. This 1-hour essential gun law webinar is taught by licensed attorneys who specialize in Florida gun law and the Second Amendment, and will provide you crucial information […]

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