• November 11, 2019
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Recently, we received the following question from Doug R on our website:
“I just bought my first gun.  My dad said that when I keep it in my car, I have to follow the 3-step rule, but he was not sure exactly what that meant.  Please Explain??”  In this video, the first in our new “Because You Asked” (“BYA”) series, attorney James Phillips of the Firearm Firm explains what a 3-step rule is.  Further, James explains that Florida does not now, nor has it ever followed the 3-step rule.  We hope you find our new Because You Asked video series informative and helpful.  Please visit our website at www.thefirearmfirm.com to ask your question and view more BYA videos.  To learn more about keeping your firearm in your car read our post by attorney Danielle Wall available by clicking here.

James D. Phillips

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