• November 27, 2019

Traveling To Florida With Your Firearms

Complying With Florida Gun Law – Video Transcript

Are you planning on traveling to Florida this year?  If you are, then you need to know how to travel in the sunshine state while carrying your firearm and complying with Florida Gun Law.  Florida recognizes concealed carry licenses from most, but not all states (For a list of the States Florida has a reciprocity agreement with, click here); however, you must be a resident of the state that issued your permit for it to be recognized and you must be at least 21 years old.  Florida does not recognize out-of-state permits held by Florida residents and although Florida will issue Concealed Weapon and Firearm licenses to non-residents, it will not recognize other state’s licenses held by those who are not residents of the issuing state.

The state of Florida has preempted local governments from making firearm laws. This means that the law is uniform throughout the state.  (Review Florida’s Preemption Law, click here)

Florida will allow anyone who is eligible to own a firearm, to carry a loaded handgun in their vehicle, regardless of whether they have a license.  The handgun must remain concealed, may be loaded, and if you do not have a concealed carry license must be securely encased. (To read how Florida Gun Law defines securely encased click here)

Open carry is not allowed in Florida unless you are hunting fishing or camping and in a very few other limited circumstances. (See our post on Open Carry)

When carrying your firearm, you must have your license or permit on you.  Copies are not valid, only the original license or permit will be excepted.  Unlike many states, you are not required to immediately inform law enforcement that you are carrying a firearm or that you are a license or permit holder upon police contact.  If you are carrying your firearm, you must reveal yourself as a concealed weapons license holder to the police only upon request. (Florida Gun Law on Identifying Yourself to Law Enforcement is contained in Florida Statute 790.06(1))

The state of Florida does not allow the possession of firearms at sporting events, on the property of any school or school bus stop, college campuses, hospitals which include mental health service facilities, bars, or any private property where you have been given notice that you are not welcome to carry a firearm.

Surprisingly, although you cannot carry in a bar, you can legally consume alcohol in Florida while carrying your firearm, however, under Florida law it is illegal to be impaired and have your firearm readily accessible for immediate discharge.  This has been defined to mean, loaded and in your hand

For more information on traveling to Florida with your firearms and the Florida Gun Law you need to know, please visit our website at www.thefirearmfirm.com.  There you will find more information about places you can and cannot visit while carrying, how to fly with your firearms, and much much more.

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