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Florida Camping Opened and Concealed Carry

Opened and Concealed Carry While Camping Is Legal in Florida!

The cooler weather has finally arrived in Florida and the outdoors are calling.  It is a great time of the year to go camping and exploring.  As always, the expert firearm attorneys at Katz & Phillips, P.A., The Firearm Firm, want everyone to remain safe and legal, within the parameters of the law.  Florida law allows both opened and concealed carry while camping, even without a license.  This applies even if you decide to go camping at a State or National Park.  The exception is the Savannas Preserve State Park per FL Stat. §258.157(2), where firearms are not allowed.  Remember, if you are camping at a National Park, you cannot carry your concealed firearm into any federal buildings within the park.   For more information about State and National Parks see our visiting Florida Carry guide.

What if you are otherwise prohibited?

Although both Opened and Concealed Carry while camping are authorized under Florida Statute 790.25, this does not apply if under Florida or federal law, you are otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm.  Florida Statute 790.25(3)(h) allows those who may legally possess a firearm to open or conceal carry the firearm while fishing, camping, or lawful hunting.

Traveling to or from camping destination

Per Florida Statute 790.25(3)(h), you are allowed to open while on your way to or returning from a fishing, camping or hunting expedition.  Of course, with a CWFL, you may also conceal carry.  This means you may openly carry from your home DIRECTLY to your camping destination.  However, you cannot make any stops for gas, supplies or other reason on your way to the campsite or back home from camping.   Although the law allows you to open carry while traveling to and from camping, it is likely that you will get a lot of unwanted attention by law enforcement if you are seen open carrying on your way to your destination.

You must be lawfully, camping, hunting or fishing

If you decide to go fishing or hunting while camping you may continue to open carry, pursuant to Florida Statute 790.25(3)(h).  In order to comply with the law, you must have a valid fishing or hunting license (if required) in order to carry under 790.25(3)(h). Enjoy the outdoors and stay safe!

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