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June 2022 U.S. LawShield Florida Case Report

As we promised we are updating you monthly on our firm’s activity helping U.S. LawShield members. January – April statistics click here.

May 2022 – click here.

The Coverage is Real

For those of you who find it hard to believe that U.S. LawShield covers 100% of the legal fees of their members, this should help you see that their coverage is real.  All of the cases below are members of U.S. LawShield that our law firm was hired by and paid by U.S. LawShield to help whose matters resolved during the month of June 2022. 

We are an Independent Law Firm

We are not U.S. LawShield, we are an independent law firm hired by U.S. LawShield, a legal expense insurance company to help their members with self-defense and Second Amendment issues.

Your results may vary

Although the below results are 100% real, each case is different, and your results may vary.  Case outcomes are dependent on the facts of each case and these results may not be the result in your matter.

June 2022 Statistics (0 matters closed):

Florida calls to U.S. LawShield’s 24/7 Attorney Answered Emergency Hotline*: 177

Emergency Self-Defense Calls Answered^: 17

2nd Amendment and Self-Defense questions answered**: 173

Cases Closed (These are all results – We do not hide negative outcomes if any):

Although we have close to 30 open matters for U.S. LawShield members currently, no cases resolved in June.

* Calls received on U.S. LawShield 24/7 attorney answered emergency hotline includes all calls answered by the attorneys of Katz & Phillips, P.A., “The Firearm Firm.” Many of these calls were not emergencies, but were accidentally made to the emergency line instead of U.S. LawShield’s business office. Our attorneys answer this line ever hour of ever day, all year long. Please ensure you are calling the correct number. We will not answer non-emergency questions on this line as it must be kept clear for those with emergencies.

^Emergency Self-Defense calls answered means the number of calls to U.S. LawShield’s 24/7 attorney answered emergency hotline for Florida, answered by the attorneys of Katz & Phillips, P.A., “The Firearm Firm.” This number indicates callers who had and were in the middle of emergency situations in which they needed the advice of an attorney immediately.

**2nd Amendment and Self-Defense questions answered indicates a member benefit of U.S. LawShield. U.S. LawShield members are able to call their business office and ask legal questions which are sent to the attorney in the state which the question involves. The attorney then returns the call with an answer within 48 hours. The number indicated after this indicates the number of questions answered by the attorneys of Katz & Phillips, P.A., “The Firearm Firm,” for members of U.S. LawShield.


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