What is Printing? Is Printing Illegal?

What Is Printing?  Is Printing Illegal in Florida?

Two of the most common questions we receive are: “What is Printing?” and “Is Printing Illegal in Florida?”  Printing is a common street term that refers to the outline of a handgun becoming visible under the clothing of a person.  Printing is not a legal term and it is not a crime. Further, the word printing does not appear anywhere in the Florida Statutes.

An Example

Gun Under Shirt

When a person carries while wearing extremely tight fitting clothes, and carries a full size firearm under their clothes.  As a result, the outline of the gun is clearly visible.

Is Printing Illegal in Florida?

No, printing is not illegal in Florida.  Since the gun is covered by a layer of clothing, the gun is still concealed under Florida law.   No crime has been committed due to printing.   Some may consider printing boorish behavior, in bad taste, or even unwise.  No matter your personal opinion, under the plain meaning of the statute, it is not a crime.  However, people who choose to dress with their firearm printing often find themselves faced with law enforcement.   Uninformed, and/or concerned citizens often call the police when seeing a firearm printing through clothes.  Unfortunately, we have also seen many instances where Law Enforcement Officers are also uninformed and innocent firearm carriers are asked to leave or arrested unjustly.

The Expert Firearm Attorneys at The Firearm Firm are here to help.  Further, our primary goal is to keep gun owners legal.  If you have any questions about printing or any other firearm related questions, visit our website, search our knowledge base, or leave a question for us to answer.  The Firearm Firm is a statewide Second Amendment and Self-Defense law firm proudly serving the people of the State of Florida.


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