• March 08, 2019
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The Past

Can You Erase The Past?

Previously arrested?  Can you get the arrest off your record?  Sealing or Expunging your record is possible for most criminal charges.  James Phillips, discusses the crimes that can be sealed and those that cannot.  Also, James discusses the requirements to seal or expunge your record and the effects of sealing and expungement.  Finally, James discussed what it means to have your record sealed or expunged.


Florida Statute 943.059 allows the sealing of criminal records.  If the court withheld adjudication of guilt, you are eligible to seal your record.  However, if you have previously sealed or expunged a charge you are ineligible.


Florida Statute 943.0585 allows criminal records to be expunged when charges are dropped by the state.  Further, if trial results in a “not guilty” verdict then expungement is also possible.

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