• December 03, 2019

Educating Gun Owners

Here at the Firearm Firm, we believe that if you are going to be armed, you must be educated.  We devote a large part of each day speaking to gun owners about the law.  In addition to answering your questions, we have developed many resources to help gun owners educate themselves.

Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated

First, we have written, Florida Gun Law, Armed and Educate, now in its 3rd edition.  This handy reference book is available online from Amazon.com and in all the best gun stores and ranges in the State.  We also make videos like these in which we answer common gun questions and talk about Florida gun law.

Our Website

Further, we maintain an informative gun and weapon law website.  On our website you can find the videos we have made and hundreds of posts about gun and weapon law in Florida.  The best part is that you can type your question into our website search box and it will pull up the articles we have written about your question.  Finally, if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, the website will allow you to type your question in.  The question will be submitted to our attorneys and we will respond directly to you with an answer within 2 business days.  Further, we will likely write an article or blog about your questions so the next person with the same question will be able to find the answer.  We may even feature your question in our “Because you asked” video series in which we answer your questions about Florida Gun Law.  Our website can be found at www.thefirearmfirm.com.

Educating Gun Owners through Seminars

When well-meaning, but uneducated, uninformed gun owners act illegally, all of our rights are threatened.  We want you all to be armed and educated.  Therefore, our attorneys also donate their time and speak at gun law seminars throughout the state of Florida sponsored by U.S. LawShield.  To see a schedule of our speaking events, please visit www.gunlawseminar.com.  We look forward to seeing you there and remember, if you have any questions, please visit our website at www.thefirearmfirm.com.


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