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CWFL Application Firearms Training Course Requirement

One of the first steps in getting your Concealed Weapon or Firearm License (“CWFL”) is to complete a firearms training course. There are many options to choose from when looking for a training course. The National Rifle Association (“NRA”) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hold approved training courses. Law enforcement safety courses specifically for security guards and investigators also meet the requirement. Most people, however, simply attend a firearms training course held by a public gun store or range. Private classes taught by certified instructors also satisfy the CWFL training requirement. These courses will go over concealed carry laws. The courses also require you to show competency with a firearm. This usually involves firing at least one bullet down range in front of an instructor.

Certificate of Completion of an Approved Firearms Training Course

To complete your CWFL application, you must submit a certificate that shows you completed an approved course. The certificate must include your name, the instructor’s name, the instructor’s qualifications, and the instructor’s license/certificate number.

Will My Firearms Training Course Certificate of Completion Expire?

There is no time limit to submit your certificate of completion of an approved firearms training course. Many people cannot find the time to quickly complete the entire application process. Even if months have passed since you took the course, you may still submit the certificate when you do complete your application.

What if I Lose my Firearms Training Course Certificate of Completion?

Unfortunately, if you lose your certificate of completion you will have to get another before you submit your application. Therefore, you will need to contact your instructor to get a replacement certificate. Alternatively, you will need to take a concealed weapons training course again. Most courses can be completed in a few hours. Even if you have to take the course again, it should only take a few hours.

Exceptions to the Firearms Training Course Requirement

Active military personnel may submit certain documents to satisfy the concealed weapons course requirement. These include military orders such as a call to active-duty letter, or a statement of military service. Veterans may submit a DD Form 214 showing an honorable discharge.

Additionally, any person who participates in organized shooting competitions may avoid the requirement. Simply submit evidence of your experience with a firearm through an organized competition.

Application Suspended or Denied?

If your application for a CWFL is wrongfully suspended or denied, don’t delay in contacting an attorney to help enforce your rights.

U.S. LawShield Certified Instructors

Recently, U.S. LawShield began an education program nationwide to certify firearms training instructors. Instructors who earn a U.S. LawShield training certification have attended an attorney taught class on the gun law in their state. During these classes, the trainers are able to ask questions of the lawyers. In that way, they can ensure they understand the nuances of state and federal law. Our law firm is proud to be the exclusive partners with U.S. LawShield in the state of Florida. We provide these classes for firearms instructors throughout the state.


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