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Firearms and Boating in the Sunshine State

Can I take my firearm on waters in Florida?

Unlike many other states, Florida is fortunate to have hundreds of miles of beaches and beautiful waters for boating. Fortunately for Floridians, it is lawful for a person without a CWFL to have a concealed handgun, rifle, or shotgun in their boat or ship. The definition of conveyance discussed above includes not only motor vehicles and aircraft, but also any ship or vessel per Florida Statute §810.011(3). The same conditions apply to vessels as to cars.  When you carry a concealed handgun in a boat or other vessel, follow the same rules as if it were in your car.  Ensure the concealed handgun is securely encased or otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use. unless you have a CWFL

Hunting and Fishing

If an individual is legally hunting or fishing from their boat, they may have their firearm accessible.  Further, while hunting or fishing lawfully a firearm may be carried openly.  This exception applies even if you do not possess a CWFL.  Additionally, if the boater or passenger has a valid CWFL, or a recognized concealed carry license from another state, they may carry a handgun concealed on their person. Florida Statute §790.25(3)(h).

Firearms and Boating in Secured Seaports

However, it is worth noting that no firearms are allowed in restricted or secured Florida seaports. Florida Statute §311.12(3)(b). “Any person in a restricted area who has in his or her possession a concealed weapon, or who operate or has possession or control of a vehicle in or upon which a concealed weapon is placed or stored, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree…” Each seaport is required by law to post appropriate signs and markers on the premises notifying individuals that firearms are prohibited.  In restricted seaports firearms and boating do not mix.


If you are going on a cruise or entering a cruise port to drop-off/pick-up passengers read our post on cruising to ensure you stay legal.  (Click Here.)

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