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Medical Marijuana, Your CWFL, and Possessing Firearms

December 20, 2018

by David S. Katz ATF Letter on Medical Marijuana  It is important to realize that although the State of Florida has recently passed medical marijuana legislation legalizing the use of marijuana for some people, the Federal Government still considers marijuana a controlled substance.  Should you decide to use marijuana under a lawful prescription, you should…

Volunteer Armed Church Security

December 11, 2018

Florida law changed on June 30, 2021. This article has been updated to include the change in Florida Law. Volunteer Armed Church Security Force Can a group of CWFL holders join together to act as an organized, volunteer armed church security force, even if uncompensated?  Can a CWFL holder even carry a weapon at a…

Traveling to Florida With Your Firearm

November 30, 2018

If you will be traveling to the State of Florida and plan on bringing your firearm with you.  Below is important information you need to know.  This post was updated and is accurate as of  June 29, 2022. RECOGNIZED LICENSES AND PERMITS Florida recognizes concealed carry licenses and permits from the following states: Alabama, Alaska,…

Gun Free School Zones in Florida

October 07, 2018

The possession of a firearm on school grounds is generally illegal, with few exceptions. Florida Statute § 790.06, contains several subsections that explicitly prohibit the carrying and possession of firearms on school grounds.  Firearms are not allowed at any school or college athletic event not related to firearms. Florida law broadens this prohibition by applying it to all school-sponsored events…

Carrying a Firearm at work in Florida

October 07, 2018

Private Property Owners in Florida can prohibit those entering their property from bringing firearms with them inside the business or from carrying on their person on the property.  However, FS 790.251 was enacted to give credence to the legislative policy of the state of Florida that individual citizens have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, that they have a constitutional…

Can I carry a gun in my automobile?

July 25, 2018

If you are lawfully allowed to possess a firearm, you can carry it in your automobile. The manner in which you may carry it depends on whether you are a Concealed Weapons and Firearm License (CWFL) holder or not and the activity you are traveling to or from. Those with a valid CWFL can carry…

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