Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated – 4th Edition

Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated 4th Edition

Updated October 20, 2022 for the release of the 4th Edition

Available On-line

Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated 4th Edition – now available in paperback.  Available in paperback on our website, at the U.S. LawShield Freedom Store, and Amazon.com.

DIGITAL VERSION available now in the U.S. LawShield Freedom Store.


The entire book has been reviewed and updated to keep you educated about all the changes in Florida and federal Gun Law including the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the new U.S. Supreme Court decision in  New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, recent and upcoming changes in ATF enforcement policies, rules and regulations and much, much more.


Four new chapters have been added including chapters on your 5th and 6th Amendment rights, and miscellaneous topics in gun law such as backyard shooting ranges, bullet proof vests, church security teams, and Florida’s new anti-riot laws.

Now Includes an Index

The 4th Edition of Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated now includes a handy expanded index for easy reference and retrieval of the information you need most when you need it.  Cross referenced and expanded to include nearly 1,000 commonly searched for terms.

Continually Accurate

The 4th Edition continues to offer updates online so your book will remain accurate.  Visit our website where we will post any law changes and rewrites of the book.  Although new chapters will not be published online, updates to the law will be posted to keep your book accurate.

What’s inside Florida Gun Law: Armed and Educated?

  1. Legal History of the 2nd Amendment
  2. Purchasing, Transferring and Possessing Firearms
  3. When can you use your firearm
  4. Self-defense
  5. Defense of Others
  6. Defense of Property
  7. Concealed Carry Licensing – requirements, appeals and regulations
  8. Defense against animal attack
  9. Where, When and How can you carry with a Concealed Carry License
  10. Where, When and How can you carry without a Concealed Carry License
  11. Restoration of Firearms Rights
  12. National Firearms Act and NFA Trusts
  13. Understanding your 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment Rights
  14. Legal updates and case interpretations in easy to understand English
  15. Much much more.

Learn more about the Authors (click their name below)

David S. Katz James D. Phillips, Jr.

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