Gun Law Basics




Focused Fire Training presents Gun Law Basics.  The first in a series of online classes. This class is for the new gun owner.  It is taught by Florida attorneys who specialize in Florida Gun Law, who will walk you through the areas of Florida Gun Law that every new gun owner must know.   This class will arm you with knowledge to help keep you on the right side of the law.

The Attorneys of Katz & Phillips, P.A., “The Firearm Firm” will cover the following topics all gun owners must know:

  1. What is a CWFL?
  2. What Weapons are Covered by your CWFL?
  3. What Weapons are excluded from your CWFL?
  4. Where can you lawfully carry a firearm without a CWFL?
  5. Where can you lawfully carry a firearm with a CWFL?
  6. The “gray areas” and how to avoid legal trouble!
  7. Encounters with Law Enforcement
  8. More…

Learn Florida Gun Law from the comfort of your own home by Expert Florida Firearm Lawyers David Katz & James Phillips.

They literally wrote the book on Florida Gun Law.


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